You & Your Baby Deserve the Best!


​​Your motherhood experience is unique, and you deserve specialized training for your Prenatal exercises, that are tailored to your needs. Whether you're pre or post natal ... I have you covered!


What to know about Prenatal Exercise:


  • Your sense of smell may become heightened, so I make sure my studio is sanitized and fresh and visually calming for your comfort during your prental exercise sessions.


  • Your sensitivity to change of direction and proprioception (your internal diagnostics that help you detect the body itself and it's spacial orientation), may increase. I limit your time lying down or being placed in positions that may induce nausea and or heartburn. In fact there is a whole Pilates prenatal exercise regime designed to help you strengthen your spine and deep pelvic floor muscles, so as to prepare for your big day! 


  • Your flexibility may improve as more relaxin is produced in preparation of your little ones arrival. Knowing this I am very careful to not over-stretch you during your Prenatal exercise session, but rather to help you maintain physical balance between strength and flexibility. Balancing strength and stretch to create bodily control is what the Pilates method is all about, after all the original name of the method was "Contrology" a made up term by Joe Pilates that means the art of controlling the body with your mind. I look forward to sharing my 15 plus years of teaching and operating as a fitness professional with you during your Prenatal and Postnatal months. Remember mommies are SUPER HEROES, and you've got this! 






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Prenatal Exercise Classes In NYC

Prenatal Pilates sessions at Sculpt New York by Matthew R. Cole
Prenatal Pilates Classes at Sculpt New York by Matthew R. Cole
Prenatal Pilates at Sculpt New York by Matthew R. Cole
My Beautiful Friend Lorraine... she went into labor a few hours later and delivered a perfectly healthy and beautiful baby girl!