Refund Policy
All count packages and single session service types are refundable, proration is available for partially used packages. Refunds are not available once the session or package type has expired. Refunds are not available on packages or single session service types that have been transferred.
Gift certificates are non-refundable.

All VIP UNLIMTED Packages are non-refundable.
Purchase made through a third party provider are non-refundable.

Expiration Dates
All single session, 6 pack, and 12 pack service types, expire 3 months or 90 days from date of purchase. 24 packs expire 210 days from date of purchase and 48 Packs 240 days from date of purchase. Special  “In It To Win It!”  package will expire 1 month or 30 days from date of client activation; client must activate this package type within 150 days of purchase. Gift Certificates have an extended expiration date of 9 months or 270 days from date of purchase. 
VIP UNLIMITED packages begin their expiration within one week of purchase.

Grace Periods
A 15 minute grace period for arrival time is expected to be given to both the consumer and the service provider before a session is be considered a No-Show by either the consumer or an SNY service provider.


Service/Package Policies
All services and packages are subject to availability of service providers. Sculpt New York LLC will make every attempt to best accommodate our clients schedules.

Transferring sessions and packages
Packages and single session purchases may be transferred to a friend or family member. Packages and single session purchases may only be transferred once and will retain the same rules from the original purchase date and or activation date regarding  its expiration. Once a package or single session type has been transferred a refund is no longer an option.
 VIP UNLIMITED packages may not be transferred. 

Gift Certificates
Gift certificates have an extended expiration date, 9 whole months! Gift certificates are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Mr. Cole on Tour with a Client

This must be planned 2 weeks in advance from date of travel to allow for planning time.
 All Travel, Lodging, and meals must be provided by the client. A structured and unique fee will be created for each situation, documentation supporting our fee will be provided to the client. A separate contract will also be required to be signed.

MY Service Recovery Program

It is my goal to keep my elite clients happy. If I fail to arrive within the allotted grace period (15 mins), client receives the session at no cost. If I am is a NO-SHOW due to an emergency the client will be refunded for the session and offered a complimentary service for future use.


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