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Set your mind at ease knowing you're training with the BEST!



Desperatley Seeking the best Personal Fitness Trainer in Manhattan, NYC ?  Look no further...

I utilize the very best in classic bodybuilding methods without the heafty gym equipment. That's right...get stellar results utilizting your own bodyweight, classic interval training and resitance bands.  I combine the knowledge and techniques found in  Arnold Schwarzenegger's latest edition bodybuilding encyclodpedia with the Pilates method principles of balance, safety, and modification techniques. This unique combination allows me to provide each individual with a customized program that delivers real INJURY FREE  RESULTS ...that may be excuted anywhere and everywhere.


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Get "High Impact" results without the high impact on your back and joints. I utilize classic interval training, while calling upon all three types of muscular contractions, ( concentric, isom etric & eccentric), to keep your body guessing and constantly adapting to new and balanced fitness regimes that will ignite your metabolism!  My sessions leave you with energy to spare, so that you don't get too hungry and blow your diet. This is the best way, as it's the fastest and safest way to drop the weight. Eat clean, get a metabolism boosting workout in, and continue to move and burn calories all day long ! 


Lose the weight and have fun doing it!


Need to make a serious change? Then you need this package! You will have VIP status for requesting coveted time slots and no pennalty fees on last minute changes and cancellations! Start your fitness journey with me today and #behotterdamnit !

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